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Suggested Reading


European Folk Dance: Denmark

by  Nigel S. Allenby Jaffe and Margaret Allenby Jaffe, 1987. Published by Folk Dance Enterprises. Examines traditional Danish dance, music, customs, history, and instruments with many beautiful images of traditional Danish clothing. 

A New Life: Danish Emigration to North America

by Niels Peter Stilling and Anne Lisbeth Olsen, 1994. Published by the Danes Worldwide Archives. Using letters from Danish emigrants from 1842-1946, this book gives a detailed account of what the emigration experience was like. Vintage photographs as well. 

Danish Peasant Culture: Guides to the Danish National Museum

Text by Peter Michelsen and Holger Rasmussen, 1955. This is a prgoram guide to a vintage exhibit at the Danish National Museum detailing 19th century home, farming, food, crafts,costume, festivals, and much more about the daily life of Danish peasants. Unique material and photographs. 

Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond

by Emily D. Aulicino, 2013. Published by AuthorHouse. Learn the science behind DNA testing techniques, and how to use them to find relatives and assist when traditional records run dry. 

Danes in Wisconsin

by Frederik Hale,2013. Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Revised and expended, this book describes Danish emigration and settlement in the early years of Wisconsin. It includes reasons for leaving the homeland, the journey, and life in America.

Danes Go West: A Book about the emigration to America

by Kristian Hvidt, 1976. Published by Rebild National Park Society. 


Schleswig Holstein: Contested Region(s) Through History (Studies in History and Social Sciences)

by  Michael Brengsbo and Kurt Villads Jensen, 2016. Published by University Press of Southern Denmark. This region, contested voer for centuries between Denamrk and Germany can be a tricky area to research genealogically. Learn about the history and culture to help better understand the border changes in this region.

Unofficial Guide to How to Find Your Family History on the Largest Free Genealogy

by Dana McCullough, 2015. Published by Family Tree Books. With millions of records to explore, FamilySearch has much to offer, and this book will really help you maximize its potential.

Searching for Your Danish Ancestors

Official publication of the National Danish American Genealogical Society. Filled with information on how to do Danish genealogy,helpful websites, examples of Gothic script, maps and much more!

Library Resources

Minnesota Genealogical Center


The National Danish American Genealogical Society is an affiliate member of the Minnesota Genealogical Society. All members of NDAGS are allowed free access to the research library at the Minnesota Genealogical Center in Mendota Heights, MN.The MGS Library contains over 30,000 books, periodicals, and other items on a variety of ethnic nationalities, as well as computer and microfilm resources.

 Visit their website at


Danish American Center Library


NDAGS is also closely affiliated with The Danish American Center in Minneapolis. The DAC has a unique research library of Danish and English print books on a variety of topics like Danish history, culture, and more. NDAGS has a collection of genealogy-specific books there as well. 

Library hours can be found on their website at

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