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Using FamilySearch.org


Monday June 24, 2019 

 7:00 pm

As the world's largest collection of family trees and a collection of millions of records, FamilySearch is a tremendous resource. But its sheer size can be daunting, and there are many records available that won't come up in basic searches. Genealogy expert Kim Ashford will  teach us tips on how to best utilize this vast free resource. 

 Location: Danish American Center, 3030 West River Parkway South, Minneapolis.  



Monday July 22, 2019 

 7:00 pm

Have you heard of Lyfmap? It is a fantastic new resource to add to your genealogical repertoire. Using a Google maps platform, you can search any address or location in the world to view or add photos, memories, or audio/video to create a timeline of who lived and what happened at a particular location. You can share these memories and photos with family members and bring your ancestors' locations and stories to the next generation and beyond. Lyfmap founder Larry Bieza will present how to use the many features Lymap and demonstrate the ways it accentuates genealogy and history.

 Location: Danish American Center, 3030 West River Parkway South, Minneapolis.  

Member Share


Monday September 23, 2019 

 7:00 pm

Join us to share successes and tips, ask for advice on roadblocks, find new ideas, network with others interested in Danish genealogy, or just come to listen. All are welcome!

Location: Danish American Center, 3030 West River Parkway South, Minneapolis. 

Danish Military Records


Monday October 28, 2019 

 7:00 pm

Since the creation of the Royal Danish Navy on August 10,  1510 and a standing army of front line troops on November 17, 1614 the  Danish armed forces have seen action in many  a military campaign. NDAGS  member Ed Steenberg will lead a discussion at the October meeting on  the components of the Danish Defense Command (DFC), who served when, and  how Danish Military Records may help you in your genealogical research.

Location: Danish American Center, 3030 West River Parkway South, Minneapolis.  

Winter Potluck, Learning about Viking Food, and Officers' Election


Monday November 25, 2019 

 6:00 pm

Many of us have perused assorted  Danish or other Nordic recipe books. At our November meeting, NDAGS  member Ed Steenberg will share with us a culinary journey through time  and space. Learn about the traditional meal, as we take a culinary  journey through Viking Age Scandinavia. 

Location:  Danish American Center, 3030 West River Parkway South, Minneapolis.  

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NDAGS-Affiliated Events

North Star Genealogy Conference


Friday and Saturday 

October 4 and 5, 2019
12th annual genealogy conference, featuring plenary and  breakout sessions, as well as vendor booths and door prizes. Learn about private archives, writing family narratives, passenger records, case studies and much, much more. Don't forget to visit our NDAGS booth as well!

Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West 

3131 Campus Drive

Plymouth, MN 

Information at: https://mngs.org/cpage.php?pt=98

Family History Fair


 Saturday October 26, 2019

Attend free genealogy lectures and visit ethnic and vendor booths.

Minneapolis Central Library

 300 Nicollet Mall 

Details to come!

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May 2018-- "Cousins by the Dozens" Using DNA in your Genealogical Research

 DNA and genealogy is the latest trend, and can provide great leads to your genealogical research. But sometimes it is confusing on where to  begin and what to do with the information that you find. Certified  Genealogist and DNA expert Alice Eicholz, PhD, will guide us through the  complex and exciting world of DNA. 

April 2018-- NDAGS Cookbook and Potluck

Members shared their favorite Danish recipes, and some family stories behind them, to compile an NDAGS Danish Cookbook.

March 2018 ---What Should I Do with Old Family Photographs

Linda Heen showed us how to organize our family photos with tips on getting started, sorting, organizing, putting them in albums, digitizing, and how to use your genealogy skills to identify unknown people in the photos. 

February 2018--- Introduction to Danish Genealogy

 Do you want to research your Danish ancestors but don’t know where to start? Hit a road block? Looking for new leads? This lecture will provide step-by-step instructions,  links to online resources, and ample notes on how to begin and sustain your Danish genealogical research. 

November 2018---Movie: "Finding Hygge"

"Finding Hygge,"  is a documentary exploring Denmark's secret to happiness. The uniquely Danish concept of hygge has exploded in popularity but the Danish word and its definition are more  complicated than it seems. For those who seek happiness, this exploratory documentary travels around the globe to discover the true meaning of hygge and how to find it.

Watch the official movie trailer at: https://vimeo.com/257971795

March 2019--Using Social Media in Your Genealogy

 Using social media for genealogy is a newer trend – it’s not just for posting pictures of your cat and catching up with old friends. See how you might use social media to discover family, research techniques, and connect with other genealogists.  Speaker is Jean Bielke-Rodenbiker, a Hennepin County librarian who works with genealogy and teaches classes at the Southdale and Minneapolis Central libraries.  She has been researching her family genealogy and helping patrons with theirs for over 19 years. 

April 2019 Spring Potluck and Ancestors Map

Join us for tasty treats and a fun time sharing the towns of our ancestors in Denmark. We will place markers on their towns, compare if we have similarities, and make it a first step toward a data collection for future connections. Even if you don't yet know your ancestors' towns of origin, join us and learn some tips on how to discover where they came from. 

May 2019--Taking a Trip to Denmark


Visiting the land of your ancestors is a dream for most genealogists, whether it be to an actual ancestral home or just to set foot in the country of your family roots. NDAGS members Doug Schummacher and Brent Holm have been on recent trips and will share their journey, advice, and experiences. 

January 2019 Tour of St. Paul Library

 Local libraries can hold some unexpected and helpful genealogical  resources, especially large and long-standing ones like downtown St.  Paul. Our annual January "field trip" will take us on a tour of what  in-house and online resources Ramsey County has to offer.   To view indexes of holdings and see items that are digitzed, visit: https://sppl.org/saint-paul-collection/ 

February 2019-- The Plague and Other Pestilence in Historical Denmark

 Our ancestors led difficult lives just making a daily existence, but  illnesses like plague, smallpox, cholera and more brought difficulty to  an entirely new level. Using examples specific to Denmark, we will learn  how these contagious hardships affected Danes of years ago AND learn  how to incorporate this information into our genealogical studies.  Presented by NDAGS President Heather Nelsen-Mullen.  

January 2018-- Tour Of Minnesota Genealogy Center

With over 30,000 books, magazines, county histories, and more the MGC is a treasure trove of information. NDGAS members receive free admission to the LIbrary. Use their computer resources in-house too! Great resource even if your family didn't hail from Minnesota. 

Other Past Lectures

 Traditional Danish clothing, 17th Century Danish history, 18th century Danish history, 19th century Danish history, planning a trip to Denmark, Danish Superstitions, U.S. Railroads, Using Newspapers in your Research, Using Family Tree Maker Software (July 2018), Cemeteries Death Records and Obituaries (August 2018), Slesvig-Holstein (October 2018) and much more!